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The Money Making Ideas Club website grew out of my lifelong fascination with and attempts to develop and pursue viable money making ideas.
What eight or nine-year-old hasn't tried their hand at a Kool Aid or lemonade stand? I know I did. That first nickel in my hand from my first customer got me hooked for the rest of my life on being an entrepreneur.

In my early teens I moved on to mowing lawns, shoveling snow and babysitting in my suburban Minneapolis neighborhood. Later in high school I formed a rock band with friends, playing gigs each weekend for 2+ years.
As a young adult I started and ran a chain link fence installation business in Denver and later a temporary employment agency in Park City, Utah.

I returned to the Twin Cities in the early eighties and started a resume writing and copy writing business. This grew into starting a business called Resource Direction. I wrote and produced human resource management audio cassettes for businesses and had customers such as Target, Holiday Inns and McDonalds.

In 1989/1990, shortly after the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed I started a humanitarian (non-profit) organization called World Contacts Network which connected more than 10,000 new-to-democracy central and east Europeans with American counterparts. The success of this endeavor landed me in People magazine, USA Today and on the CBS This Morning show.

I must confess, though, that although all my business start-ups did well on a small scale and had excellent growth potential, I never realized the level of growth, achievement or wealth that I sought. I would get to a certain point and hit a wall.

I could conceptualize, sell and work hard, but I was also accounting-phobic, tax paranoid and unable to create an organization. These shortcomings were the kiss of death in the pre-internet business world.

By the age of 47 I still had never owned a home nor had any savings. Then, in 1997, I discovered the internet and met the woman who would later become my wife. The story of what happened between then and now is too extensive for this introduction, but suffice it to say that because of the success of the internet-based businesses I created Julie and I now own two beautiful homes in Florida - one, a villa on a championship golf course, another a 2-bedroom condo on a white sand gulf beach.

The difference in getting myself from there to here? The internet, with its vast reach, opportunities and resources.

My goal is that the Money Making Ideas Club website will be an easy-to-use resource directing others like myself to the kind of ideas, tools, resources and inspiration that can help them achieve their dreams. Another goal is to educate would-be entrepreneurs so they can avoid the myriad of scams, schemes and outright crooks found seemingly everywhere online.

In fact, I would advise our visitors to familiarize themselves with the ad offers found in the margins of our pages and then avoid them. The valuable resources you will find on are those centered in the main body of our pages.

So please check out our Business Ideas, Resources and Scams pages. I wish you all the best in safely pursuing your dream of entrepreneurial happiness and success.

Thank you for visiting,
Mike Walsten, Founder

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