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Thank you for visiting the Money Making Ideas Club (MMIC). My name is Mike Walsten. The purpose of the Money Making Ideas Club is to introduce as many people as possible to the vast range of viable money making ideas that virtually anyone can pursue so that they may begin to realize their full economic potential.

I'm not talking about "Work-at-Home" and other get rich scams that have unconscionably ripped off untold numbers of sincere individuals, couples and families. In fact, a portion of this site is devoted to exposing such rip-offs for what they are.

Great Moneymaking Ideas
Mike and Julie Walsten with Mike, Jr.

Rather, we will provide you with valuable sources for business ideas, expertise and contacts. We will also seek out those who have themselves concieved of and implemented a successful money making idea and share the story of how they pursued that idea to a profitable and ongoing result.

If this describes you I hope you will share with us details of your story so that we may share it on-site with our MMIC members and all our site visitors. E-mail

So please check out our Business Ideas, Resources and Scams pages and best of luck pursuing your dream!

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